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The Educatables

Watch great reactions from children and teachers to school sessions delivered by club community organisations - with topics including diversity, resilience and literacy.

Stoke City and Beth

Discover how one teacher has gained confidence in teaching PE with Stoke City Community Trust.

Sunderland and Mea

See how the Foundation of Light's delivery has helped one girl raise her self-esteem.

Swansea and Gethan

How a pupil's creative writing was inspired with the support of Swansea City AFC’ Community Trust.

Watford and Oliver

See how Watford FC Community Sports and Education Trust’s delivery has raised the confidence of one schoolboy.

West Brom and Shannon

Discover how the Albion Foundation helped one girl develop her leadership skills.

West Ham and Charlie

See how one youngster is now having a positive experience of school with the help of the West Ham Foundation.

Wigan Athletic F.C and Chris

Watch how Wigan Athletic F.C. supports one particular teacher with the planning and delivery of PE lessons. Now, Chris feels much more confident.

Wolverhampton and Hannah

See how Wolverhampton gave one girl the tools she needed to boost her confidence, improve her behaviour and become a role-model for other pupils.