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Ambition poems

The very first of the Premier League 2020 Weekly challenges. Below are some of the poems that you shared with us.



Take part in the Premier League Writing Stars challenge and share your poems with us @PLCommunities or email us at

As part of the challenge, we asked families to write a poem based on the theme of ambition and share them with us.

We have showcased of some of your poems below and we hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did! You can see who our Star of the Week was on the 2020 Stars of the Weekly challenges page

By Isla (Age 9) and father Bryan

If you want ambition it's your decision listen to your heart and leave your mind behind, you won't be fined since it's your ambition, your decision.
No-one gets to choose who you'll play on any day,  it's your decision, your say.
And remember no matter your body size, short, tall, plump or wide you can do what you want, not what they say.
No-one gets to pull your hair or scream and shout “It's not fair!” If that's their ambition it's their own mission.
Even if you don't know who you want to be or what sights you want to see, it will always be inside you but sometimes let it out too.
So take to the sky, fly high and find your true ambition, it's your mission!

Ambitious dog
By Avalon

My dream
By Zak 

My objective is to be a professional footballer
To do this,
I must be ambitious!
I can look up to my idols
Study hard
practise, practise to achieve my dream.

Work as a team
Never doubt myself
Use my vision to look into the future
Look forward to a successful career 

And do what Mohamed Salah said:-

My Ambition
By Benjamin (Age 9) 

My dreams are big 
My dreams are exciting

I dream for me 
I dream for my family
I dream for my Community
I dream for the UK
I dream for the whole World 

My ambition is to be a Golfer
I dream to play with Tiger Woods
on Sunningdale one day

I wish for my family to be safe and happy 
My baby sister dreams of getting a puppy 
My big sister dreams of being Apple CEO 
I wonder if she will get the iPhone 11 pro? 

I wish for my community to help each other
Lets all give some money to charity
Lets hope for no more homeless people on the street
And give them plenty of healthy food to eat

I wish the UK could get rid of the coronavirus
I wish for the world to stop climate change 

My dreams are big
Together we can all work hard to make them come true. 

By Hussain

Ambitious Dancer
By Mia (Age 8)

I have a dream,
I wish to be on a dancing team.
A team so strong,
that nothing could go wrong. 

We would dance like stars, 
then we spin on bars.
We would be the best in the universe,
we could even dance in reverse. 

Our team is so tight.
We would dance with all our might.
My team means so much to me, 
I would call them my dance family.


Aiva's Ambition 
By Aiva (Age 10)


By Oliver (Age 5)

I go to bed,
Sleeping and dreaming,
A pillow resting my head.
The crowds ROAR and SCREAM,
Scoring volleys and tap-ins, I do,
But that’s only a dream.

Age 11 I work so hard,
My friends go out,
But I stay all alone in my yard.
Kick-ups, freekicks,
All day long,
Top Corner Goals and Amazing tricks!

Age 16 I’m playing a match,
I take a shot,
Too good for the goalie to catch!
A bald man in a long coat,
Turns to his friend, with a promising grin and says
“He could be the G.O.A.T”.

Age 22,
I play in the Premier League,
My dream’s come true!
Winning trophies, scoring a bicycle kick
Once again the fans CHEER,
They say “That was SICK!”
I win ‘Player Of The Year’!

I see Mané running down the wing,
And Aguero kicking up his foot,
Ready to swing.
Gary Lineker talking and speaking,
Commentating on a big match,
As Jesse Lingard is ball seeking.
“You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.”
~ Lionel Messi

By Lola (Age 11) 


By Lily 

Ambition is dreams and wishes
Maybe you’re a future athlete
But don’t back out no matter what
It’s important to stick with your dream
Tall or small you will achieve
If you give up your chance is lost
Over the hurdles you sprint to the end
Never give up you will succeed