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Premier League Active Summer Challenge

This challenge is now closed. This challenge inspired pupils to get active over the summer holidays to be in with the chance of receiving some awesome rewards.

This challenge is now closed. 

The Premier League Active Summer Challenge celebrates Premier League Primary Stars' five-year anniversary while getting your child active over the summer. 

How to enter the Premier League Active Summer Challenge

- To enter the challenge, your child should plan five different ways to get active over the summer holidays.

- Entries could be recorded using the Premier League Active Summer Challenge template.

- You should email their entries to with their school's address.

- Kick-off the challenge by downloading our fantastic resources and using the home presentation to introduce the challenge.

 Key dates

- The deadline for entry is 31st August 2022.

- Submissions will be reviewed during September 2022.

- We'll be in touch by 20 September 2022 to let you know whether one of your submissions has been selected to appear in the gallery or to receive another reward!


By entering the Premier League Active Summer Challenge, you will be in with a chance of receiving:

- a Premier League football

- a visit from the Premier League Trophy to your school

- the opportunity to be featured on the Premier League Primary Stars gallery.

Full terms and conditions are available here.