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Challenge 11: Try your best challenge

We want you and your family to try and master a new skill!

Challenge 11: Try your best (5 June 2020)

For this week’s challenge, we would like you to have a go at mastering a new active skill by practising it every day for five minutes. This challenge is based on resilience and always trying your best. TV presenter Gabby Logan is here to tell you how to get involved:

Your new active skill could be anything from learning to juggle, throwing a ball into a basketball net backwards, skipping - whatever interests you! Why not try some of these ideas from Premier League football clubs in our Try your best: Football tricks activity sheet.

When learning your new skill, make sure you have a safe area that you can practise in.

Whatever you choose, why not show us how you progress by filling out our progress tracker worksheet each day, or filming yourself on Day 1 and Day 7 to demonstrate what you’ve achieved throughout the week. Even a small amount of practise each day can make a big difference. Remember to maintain a positive attitude and keep going, even if you don’t succeed at first. 


We would love to see what skills you have been mastering, so share an image of your worksheet or a video or photo of you practising on Twitter @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars or email us at