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“My dream came true!” – Kane surprises Year 6 students

By Premier League Primary Stars · Thu 02 March 2023

For Harry Kane, encouraging resilience and the power of positive thinking has become a personal mission.

So when a class of students at Eldon Primary School were tasked with writing about their own experiences, Kane was so inspired he decided to pay them a shock visit.

The Tottenham Hotspur striker responded directly to several of the letters, as well as sharing his own personal stories around challenges and goal-setting, before hosting open sessions for the children to talk about their own targets and obstacles.

Zamil, who received a personal certificate from Kane in response to his struggles with handwriting, said the moment will live with him forever.

“I felt my heart was racing, I didn’t know what to do,” he said of the moment Kane walked in.

“I’m going to frame [the certificate] and put it in my living room – so everyone can see it!”

The surprise was organised by Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, Harry Kane Foundation and Premier League Primary Stars to highlight the importance of helping young people explore their mental and emotional wellbeing during Children’s Mental Health Week.