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Motion capture with Marcus Rashford – a look behind the scenes

By Premier League Primary Stars · Thu 01 February 2018


Our resources featuring Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford and showcasing the motion capture technology used to generate the series of FIFA video games are now available. These clips have been developed in conjunction with EA SPORTS, proud supporters of the PE area of the Premier League Primary Stars programme, to enhance your pupils’ learning and skill development for the movement used throughout our PE packs. You can discover the clips here.

We gave two lucky Premier League Primary Stars pupils the opportunity to take part in our motion capture filming with Marcus Rashford! The goal of the day was to create a set of PE resources to support the existing packs of PE content on These short, engaging videos aim to demonstrate best practice for different movements, plus they pick out key learning points for pupils and teachers.

With the help of expert motion capture technicians, Marcus, Amelia and Ashton worked together to create their digital characters by performing a series of movements. The first step was for the children to be fitted with special suits that “markers” could then be affixed to. These are the reflective balls which capture a 360° representation of a person’s motion. The reflective markers are picked up by cameras and the technicians build 3D digital skeletons that accurately reproduce those movements.

This film gives you a glimpse of the day and how the motion capture clips were created!

Link to audio transcribed version

Both children were delighted to meet one of their heroes, and they enjoyed this unique insight into how video games are made. They came away with a better understanding of movement and how to live the Premier League values of being ambitious, inspiring, connected and fair. It was a particularly inspiring experience for Ashton as he attends Button Lane Primary School - the same school Marcus Rashford used to go to!

Marcus highlighted the importance of the skills acquired during school PE lessons, saying "I think a lot of the basic movements that you do in PE and education, I think it all interlinks with a lot of different sports and doing that kind of foundation in schools is important and then you can grow and develop."

We are excited to announce that the final motion capture videos are now available on the site. Explore the clips today and challenge your pupils to try out the moves.

Visit the pack!