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Introducing the Season stats dashboard

By Premier League Primary Stars · Thu 02 September 2021

Bring Maths alive using real-world data with the new Season stats dashboard. Use real player and match statistics from the 2021/22 Premier League season to engage pupils and support their learning. 

Flexible resources provide suggested activities to use alongside the dashboard to match your learning objectives. These resources lend themselves to either class warm-up activities within a maths lesson or at the start of the day. The focus is on practising maths skills in a fun, engaging way using real statistics from the Premier League’s 20 clubs. Curriculum-linked, editable worksheets can be used in conjunction with the dashboard and the numbers on the dashboard will be updated every week, so there’ll always be new data to work with. Ideas for questions and tasks are provided in the resources but teachers can also select data based on what they require pupils to practise.

The resources have also been adapted for home learning. Families can look at the dashboard together to practise their maths skills using our parent guides. The football world will provide an easy way for parents to introduce maths topics to make learning more meaningful, engaging, and purposeful so children can develop their maths skills in a real-world context.

We hope that everyone enjoys using the dashboard - we’d love to see and hear how you’ve been using the Season stats dashboard. Tweet us at @PLCommunitites using the hashtag #PLPrimaryStars.