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How Premier League Primary Stars is being used in behavioural needs classes

How one school have used a values-focused approach to improve behaviour in the classroom

The Premier League Primary Stars resources have been adopted at St Bernard’s school in Burnage by Special Education Needs specialist, Mr Baylis for use during behavioural needs classes and one-to-one sessions, with a group of four 7-year olds whose behavioural difficulties had become disruptive.

Mr Baylis started by introducing the vocabulary of Premier League values to model good behaviour, using visual aids to link the words to actions and behaviours. The use of Premier League Primary Stars videos and resources is also interlinked with an “art therapy” approach developed by Mr Baylis.

Mr Baylis commented on the use of the resources, “In my experience, ideas for behaviour management can come and go but this programme has a clear long-term benefit. We know that we have to catch negative behavioural habits from a very young age – by Year 6, it’s too late – so it’s our duty to provide a model for good behaviour that they can carry with them throughout life.”

The group of boys are now known throughout the school as “the Premier League boys” and this phrase can be used by teachers as a motivational tool if behavioural problems arise. Anthony from Mr Baylis’ group said of the Premier League Primary Star classes, “It has taught me that respect is the most important value. It shows the consequences of when I behave badly.”

The school has championed Premier League Primary Stars as part of a values-focused approach and the results have been impressive, but for Mr Baylis’s “Premier League boys” it’s more a case of ‘marginal gains’ in difficult circumstances. The school hopes to continue to engage these boys, “in a way they can relate to… turning small victories of positive behaviour into life-long habits.”

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