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Plastic Pollution Challenge winners' videos

Watch the ten winners of the Plastic Pollution Challenge turn their pledges into news reports during their visit to the Sky Academy Studios in London.

St Mary's Catholic Primary School - WINNER

Discover how St Mary's Catholic Primary School reduced plastic use in their school.

Armthorpe Shaw Wood Academy

Watch a report on how Armthorpe Shaw Wood Academy students reduced plastic bag usage in their school.

Bedford Primary School

Discover how Bedford Primary School used plastic collected during a beach clean to create ecobricks.

Belmont Academy

See Belmont Academy's report on their pledge to eliminate plastic straws from their school.

Clutton Primary School

See how Clutton Primary School created the building materials of the future by making ecobricks from waste plastic.

Eastlea Primary School

Watch Eastlea Primary School’s report on creating fun games using reused plastic bottle tops.

Herons Dale School

Discover Herons Dale’s pledge to stop using glitter at their school.

Richard Wakefield Primary School

Watch Richard Wakefield Primary School's report on how ordinary people can tackle plastic pollution.

St Mary Abbots School

Explore how St Mary Abbots’ Primary School set up a pen recycling project after discovering six pens a week were being thrown away.

The Richard Clarke First School

Discover how The Richard Clarke Primary School raised awareness of plastic overuse by running a fashion show using only outfits made from recycled plastic.