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Film: Mascot experience

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>> CLAIRE: When Noel first joined the new school, he was nervous on his first day.


>> SOPHIE: It's very hard to come in to a new school when the friendships are already developed.


>> NOEL:    It wasn't that easy to go to a new school because I would miss my old friends from my other school.


>> SOPHIE: Primary Stars programme is provided to us by the Premier League. And it gives us an insight into how to teach really great PE lessons, how to provide not just the physical aspect of sport but also the things like teamwork, nutrition to develop really good opportunities for our children
within PE.


>> NOEL:    I made new friends at my school because I played football, so did they.


>> SOPHIE: He is football mad and Newcastle mad. He loves working with the Newcastle Foundation. And they do a lot on teamwork. And they do a lot on building those friendships through the football side of it.


>> ALEX:    We want the kids to be ambitious, and look positively on the future, and try and use all the stuff that we give them in the PE lessons, always teach the kids to be fair where we can and just try and use the power of the badge to inspire people in the local community.


>> CLAIRE: It's made him more disciplined as a person. And I think he's realised that it's okay to lose as well sometimes because he's quite a competitive person by nature.


>> SOPHIE: Noel's attitude has improved in PE lessons. And it's reflected in the classroom as well. Recently, teachers have commented on how hard he's been working and how good his attitude has been, which is why he got picked unanimously for this opportunity.


>> ALEX:    The referee mascot experience by EA Sports is a fantastic way to try and engage with children. Through what we do with the school in this opportunity, we get to, allow a child to walk out in front of 52,000 people, over Christmas at St James' Park with his heroes around him, and I think an opportunity that is one in a million if not more.


>> NOEL:    I'm pleased for being selected as a Premier League mascot because I'm going to be next to all the players, walking out with them, give them a handshake when they're walking past, handshaking all the referees.


>> REFEREE:       When we go out, you'll pick the ball up off the plinth, yeah? So a big smile for the camera 'cause there's always a camera there, so all your friends can see you when you and everything else, yeah? Perfect. Nice to meet you. And I'll see you out there in a bit, yeah?




>> REFEREE:       Bring them down, yeah.


>> OFFICIAL:      Come down, lads.


>> NOEL:    The game was exciting because I was going... I went out on the pitch with the referee, picked the ball up, and I met all the players. It was exciting to watch them try to score goals even though we missed. Thank you 'cause it was a really good day.


>> CLAIRE: We're really proud of him.


>> NOEL'S DAD:    Absolutely brilliant that Noel's been given
this chance.