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Bloeddiwch dros amrywiaeth!


Bloeddiwch dros amrywiaeth!

Teamwork, Diversity, Equality

With this pack, developed in partnership with the England and Wales Cricket Board, pupils explore the power of difference and create an advert to celebrate diversity in teams to enter the Roar! for Diversity competition.

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How long does it take to deliver this pack?

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Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • describe what ‘diversity’ means and what a diverse team might look like
  • identify the diversity of skills and qualities that different people bring to a team
  • identify their own skills and qualities and how these are different or similar to others’
  • explain what they think about diversity. Is it important? Why?

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Introductory lesson: Exploring diversity

This PSHE lesson can be used to introduce the topic of diversity in teams. Pupils create their own team and reflect on the similarities, differences and strengths of the team members.


Activity: Team player profile template

This activity can be used alongside the Exploring diversity activity to support pupils to identify the strengths they bring to their team.


Competition activity: Roar! for Diversity

This activity introduces pupils to the competition and challenges them to create an advert to celebrate the power of diversity. Pupils consider what makes a great advert, before working in teams to create their own.