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COVID-friendly PE and physical activities


COVID-friendly PE and physical activities

KS1/Foundation, KS2
Health and wellbeing

PE coaches from a selection of Club Community Organisations have put together a fantastic variety of fun and safe physical activities for you to try with your pupils. Even with restrictions in place, children can enjoy themselves and express themselves freely and learn along the way.

All activities have been tested in schools and follow the COVID-19 school guidance. To read more about how to be safe in schools, please see the afPE guidance.

You can also get some top tips on how to deliver PE lessons safely from our Premier League Primary Stars Coordinator for Leicester City in the Community.

Each activity includes instructions, links to the Premier League values and a breakdown of the skills which pupils will develop.

Learning outcomes

These resources will get pupils physically active as well as develop their thinking, emotional & social and physical skills.

Pupils will work on a variety of key life skills, such as:

  • working together to problem-solve
  • improving coordination skills
  • moving in and out of spaces quickly
  • maintaining balance.

Activities from Manchester City in the Community

In these activities, pupils will practise and improve technique in balance, coordination, speed and agility. Pupils will also work together in a team and take it in turns to lead on activities with a partner.


Activities from Derby County in the Community

How many Count your catches challenges can you complete? In this activity, pupils are presented with a variety of short throwing and catching challenges. Pupils can work through these individually towards reaching their personal best.

Afterwards, why not try the Box breaker activity; a fast-paced game, where pupils will focus on their speed and agility whilst pracitising a variety of fundamental movements.



Activities from Liverpool FC Foundation

Try the Superhero shadows and Guardians of the gate activities with your pupils. In these activities, pupils will develop a range of skills - be encouraged to make quick decisions, interact with each other and perform a multiple of different fundamental movements.

Other activities in this set are about jumping, throwing and speed. Pupils will work together and improve personal performance as well as considering areas to improve through peer assessment and feedback from a partner. 


Activities from Watford FC Community Sports & Education Trust

These are great cross-curricular activities at getting pupils thinking and doing at the same time.

Can pupils work together to solve the maths problem? Pupils will also mirror each other and demonstrate a range of movement and dribbling skills.


Activities from Leicester City in the Community

Try the Treasure island activity with your pupils, where they are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination whilst practising and improving technique; how to maintain control over the ball, move around the space safely and efficiently, and maintaining good body positioning.

Download the other fun activities where pupils will learn to navigate the space and improve their agility and control skills. 


Activities from Nottingham Forest Community Trust

In this activity, pupils will explore different heights and speeds their body can move. Try this fun game with your pupils where they take on the 'role' of a pirate.


Activities from Leeds United Foundation

In this activity, pupils are challenged to think about their spacial awareness, communication and movement. They will work in teams to pass the ball between the areas in the same way they would in table football.


Activities from Aston Villa Foundation

These activities are all about movement, speed and agility. Pupils will change speed and direction to support different types of movements and improve their control and balance. 


Activities from Forest Green Rovers Community Trust

Pupils will get into teams and aim to get the 'cannon ball' into a pirate ship! The team with the most points wins. Pupils will develop a deeper understanding of when and how to use the underarm throw.


Activities from Stoke City Community Trust

In these activities, pupils will explore speed and agility while developing communication skills and practice their sending skill, focusing on accuracy and creativity.