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Sample pack

This sample pack contains a selection of the resources available on Premier League Primary Stars. Inside you'll find warm-ups, skill development activities, games and instructional videos. To access all of the packs, sign up for a free account and start using them with your class today.

What resources are in this pack?

How long does it take to deliver this pack?

clock A guideline duration is provided for each pack

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are provided for each pack so it is absolutely clear what pupils will be able to do following completion of the pack.

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Film: The role of sport

In this film, the captain of Arsenal Ladies, Alex Scott talks about the reading and writing skills she uses every day and how playing football has allowed her to experience different communities around the world.

This is a sample film from the following pack: All together now.


Sample activity: Magic Marketers

In this sample activity pupils are asked to promote a client and create a sales pitch to present to a panel of peers.

This is a sample activity from the following pack: Lion's Lair.


Sample activity: Real reporting

In this sample activity pupils use their skills to work together to create their own report of a sporting event.