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Home/School - Resilience


Home/School - Resilience


These activities are all about changing attitudes from "I can't" to "I can". Children will learn strategies to help them bounce back and to recognise the power of positive thinking. 

Learning outcomes

Children will be able to:

  • identify what resilience is, and what it looks like
  • explain or demonstrate helpful ways to manage emotional responses to difficulties, challenges or setbacks
  • reframe unhelpful feelings about the outcome of a difficulty or challenge
  • identify and demonstrate ways to bounce back from a setback 

Film: Resilience

What can Leicester City football club teach us about resilience? Children can complete the 'What is resilience?' activity as they watch.


What is resilience?

Can children use what they have learned from the film to complete their own resilience match report?


Reframing thinking: Helpful or unhelpful thinking?

A key way of developing resilience and dealing with difficult situations lies in how we think about them. Can you sort the helpful thinking from the unhelpful thinking?