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No Room for Racism - Video pack

No Room for Racism badge Premier League kit.

No Room for Racism - Video pack

Diversity, Fairness, Equality, Identity

This pack includes a selection of short interview clips with professional football players speaking about discrimination, with some sharing their personal experiences of racism as part of the No Room for Racism initiative. They celebrate diversity in football and wider society and talk about the importance of allyship and the way that teams support each other.

For classroom resources where pupils can learn more about the importance of living in a multicultural society and the impacts of racism and racial stereotyping, see the packs below:

This is Everyone's Game - Black Voices
No Room for Racism - Racism and inclusion
No Room for Racism - Stereotyping

Learning outcomes

Pupils will

  • learn about racism and its impacts through hearing real life stories from Premier League football players
  • understand allyship and how to be a good ally
  • consider how we can all play a part in putting an end to racism.


Film: Allyship in football

This short clip includes a number of Premier League players and Demi Stokes from the Women's Super League celebrating diversity and talking about allyship in football.

Neal Maupay

Film: Neal Maupay

Watch this short clip featuring Neal Maupay, forward for Brighton and Hove Albion, talk about his experiences of racism.

Tyler Roberts and Jess Carter

Film: Tyler Roberts and Jess Carter

Tyler Roberts, midfielder for Leeds United, and Jess Carter, midfielder for Chelsea FC Women, both speak about racial stereotyping and the importance of celebrating other cultures.

Ryan Bertrand

Film: Ryan Bertrand

Ryan Bertrand, defender for Southampton FC, talks about his first encounter of racism and how there is no room for it in our society.

Conor Coady

Film: Conor Coady

Conor Coady, defender and captain for Wolverhampton Wanderers, discusses how he can be a good ally to others. As a professional football player he feels he has a responsibility to help and use football as a platform for positive change.

Michail Antonio on the pitch with teammates

Film: Michail Antonio

Michail Antonio, forward for West Ham United, talks about what he loves about living in a multicultural society. In particular, he celebrates the diversity in football which enables him to enrich his understanding by being exposed to different cultures.

Hamza Choudhury on pitch

Film: Hamza Choudhury

Leicester City midfielder Hamza Choudhury talks about the diversity he experienced when growing up in his community and how this helped him to understand and cope with racism. He's a strong believer that education is the key for making a change.


Film: Dominic Calvert-Lewin

Dominic Calvert-Lewin, forward for Everton, talks about his own personal experiences of racism, reflecting on his childhood and the present. He discusses the importance of support and allyship from his teammates.

Image of the design a poster worksheet.

Extra time: Design a poster

After watching the short video clips featuring Premier League and Women Super League players, create and design your own poster and challenge racism. Show how and why being an ally is important.