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This pack contains just a handful of the wide range of resources all available for FREE on Premier League Primary Stars. Inside you'll find activities, games and videos. Register for free to access the full range of resources and start using them with your class today.

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Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are provided for each pack so it is absolutely clear what pupils will be able to do following completion of the pack.

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Sample film: Resilience

Resilience – the ability to meet challenges and learn from them – is one of life's most important skills. This film will introduce pupils this idea and get them thinking about how they might become more resilient.

This is a sample film from the following pack: 'Resilience'.


Sample baseline assessment: Draw and write

This is a baseline assessment activity, which establishes a starting point for each pupil. It should be completed before any other activities in the pack.

This is a sample activity from the following pack: 'Self-esteem'.


Sample starter activity: Why do we think that?

This discussion activity gets pupils thinking more about influences on their opinions. They generate a class list of who or what might influence their choices.

This is a sample activity from the following pack: 'Values'.


Sample main activity: Discrimination and inclusion

Based on what they see in the film, pupils investigate the possible effects of discrimination. They then learn to identify inclusive behaviour and ways to celebrate difference.

This is a sample activity from the following pack: 'Inclusion'.


Sample plenary activity: Class discussion

This section gives ideas for a short plenary session, in which pupils can share their responses to the team-building activities. Questions are suggested that can be used to structure the discussion.

This is a sample activity from the following pack: 'Teamwork'.


Sample diversity word bank

This word bank lists key vocabulary about diversity, and clarifies the meanings of the words and phrases the pupils will meet.

This is a sample activity from the following pack: 'Diversity'.