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Premier League Primary Stars Rainbow Laces


Premier League Primary Stars Rainbow Laces

Values, Diversity, Fairness, Playtimes

These activities aim to raise pupil awareness of gender stereotyping, and the detrimental and limiting effect it can have on someone’s behaviour, self-esteem and future aspirations. Pupils are encouraged to think about where stereotypes could be challenged, and how they can help to make changes.

Each activity takes approximately 15-20 minutes to deliver, but are designed to be flexible. You may find that the discussions or other outcomes generated by an activity last up to an hour, could be fitted into a short period at the end of the day, or extend over more than one lesson. The ‘Gender walk’ in Activity 5 is likely to take longer.

What resources are in this pack?

How long does it take to deliver this pack?

clock 15-20 minutes per activity

Learning outcomes

  • describe what gender stereotyping is, how to recognise it and ways to challenge it when it occurs.
  • explain why and how gender stereotyping can have a negative effect on someone’s thoughts, behaviour and potential, and is damaging for individuals, communities and society as a whole.
  • identify ways in which to avoid gender stereotyping to ensure that everyone can achieve their potential.

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Activity 1 Do it like a…

This activity prompts pupils to start thinking about the language we might use and the impact this can have on individuals and society as a whole.


Film: Do it like a...

This short film can be used with Activity 1 as a way to prompt thinking about the skills and attributes expected from girls.


Activity 2 What kind of person?

In this activity, pupils are asked to think about what are considered "male" or "female" characteristics and start to come up with ways to challenge stereotypes.


Activity 3 Things we love to do

This activity asks pupils to challenge stereotypical notions of something being exclusively "male" or "female" as well as considering that it is ok to be neither.


Activity 5 Making a change

There are two options for this final activity, which consolidates pupils' learning through thinking of ways they can challenge and avoid gender stereotypes in their own lives.


Gender pledge poster

Use this poster to document your class's or school's gender pledge. Then piece it together and display your rainbow lace!