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Change is life


Change is life

Health and wellbeing

Join in with the Super Mood Movers video and try the activities in this pack.

Change is all around us. Sometimes we can control the direction it takes but often we can’t. These activities explore the concept of change and encourage pupils to identify strategies to cope with the uncertainty that change can bring.

These activity sheets are editable so that pupils can type into them directly. These resources are designed for use in school and could be set as a homework activity.

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There are also many more Super Mood Movers videos on BBC Teach.

What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Pupils will learn:

  • that change is a part of life
  • about how change can make us feel
  • ways of managing our emotions and feelings.


Change paper chain

Let's celebrate change and create a paper changes chain. This activity sheet includes step by step instructions to help with creating your very own paper changes chain.