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Keeping fit and well


Keeping fit and well

Health and wellbeing

Join in with the Super Mood Movers video and then try the fun activities.

In this pack pupils will learn about what keeping healthy means - both physically and mentally.

The activity sheets are editable so that pupils can type onto them directly. These resources are designed for use in school and could be set as a homework activity.

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What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Pupils will learn:

  • what a healthy lifestyle looks like
  • why it is important.


Super Mood Movers - Fit and well

Join in with Gully's moves to feel fit and well!

Make a note of what Gully says, as this will help you with the other activities in this pack. 


Gully's tips

Can you remember Gully's tips? Write down what you remember and add your own.


Power up poem

Learn all about Kennings poems. Can you write your own poem about keeping fit and well?