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Home/School - Super Movers warm-up challenge


Home/School - Super Movers warm-up challenge

KS1/Foundation, KS2
Health and wellbeing

We would like you to create your own Super Movers warm-up and Super Move. Watch the videos in this pack to get some inspiration for your warm-up and once you've created it, why not try it out with your family!

Share your Super Movers warm-up and Super Move with us using #PLPrimaryStars, #WeAreOneTeam or email your video with us at for a chance to be our Star of the Week.

This is part of our series of weekly challenges for 2021.

Learning outcomes

Children will

  • get fit and active
  • be creative and come up with their own warm-up and Super Move
  • understand the positive effect that exercise has on their mental wellbeing.


Why should we be moving more?

Exercise is so good for our bodies and our mental wellbeing. Decide on three movement goals for the week ahead and record how you feel before and after completing them. 

Use the emotional check-in poster to help you with this. 

This PDF is editable. 


Super Movers warm-up challenge

Download this resource to learn more about the challenge. It includes warm-up ideas and safety tips for filming your Super Movers warm-up!


What's your Super Move?

Watch the video to gain inspiration for creating your 'Super Move'. The film features TV personalities and football club mascots showing off their best moves.