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Premier League Reading Stars: Fixture 0 - Tactics and trials

English - Premier League Reading Stars

Premier League Reading Stars: Fixture 0 - Tactics and trials

Reading Stars, Reading

The Tactics book provides a guide for teachers on delivering the Premier League Reading Stars programme. Teachers should read this before embarking on the 10 fixtures. The Trials book provides a fun introduction to Premier League Readings Stars and helps teachers identify which pupils would benefit from taking part.

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Learning outcomes

This pack is all about preparing for delivering Premier League Reading Stars in your class.

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Tactics book

The Tactics book is here to make sure you start your Premier League Reading Stars journey with a solid strategy. Here you'll find all the resources you'll need to help you get ready and get your pupils reading. 


Main activity part 1: Introduction

In the first part of the main activity, pupils are introduced to the Premier League Reading Stars programme and how they can get involved.