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This is Everyone's Game: Black Players' Stories


This is Everyone's Game: Black Players' Stories

KS1/Foundation, KS2
Diversity, Fairness, Role models, Identity, Writing

This literacy and PSHE pack tells the personal stories of top football players Divock Origi and Demi Stokes. The illustrated storybook-style narrative allows pupils to learn the importance of being part of a diverse and inclusive society. After reading each player's story, pupils will create their own storybook about their chosen hero.

To watch celebrated author Sharna Jackson interview Demi Stokes and Divock Origi about their lives and careers, go to This is Everyone's Game - Black Voices resource pack.

What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Pupils will:

  • learn about diversity and the benefits of living in a multicultural society
  • conduct independent research
  • develop communication skills and write their own story.

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Illustration of young Divock Origi.

Black Players' Stories

Use these illustrated stories to learn more about the lives of Manchester City W.F.C. football player, Demi Stokes and Liverpool F.C. football player, Divock Origi. The teachers' notes include questions to facilitate class discussion and encourage conversations about race, identity, diversity and ambition.

These stories were written by Sharna Jackson, award-winning children’s author, and illustrated by Anastasia Magloire Williams.

Illustration of Demi Stokes and Divock Origi portraits.

Your Hero

Now it's time for pupils to create their own story. Pupils will think of someone who inspires them whether this is someone who is famous or someone they know.

Download the 'My hero' writing template which will support them to do their own research and write their story. Once they have finished, they can illustrate their storybook with colourful pictures.

Demi Stokes on the pitch.

Black voices - Demi Stokes

Celebrate diversity and ambition with Demi Stokes. Worksheets include key vocabulary and will encourage pupils to think about the positives of living in a diverse, multicultural society and dream big while thinking about their own future.

Divock Origi with teammates

Black Voices - Divock Origi

Pupils will reflect on the importance of inclusion, and the negative impact that racism can have. Keywords are included to help reinforce key vocabulary relating to the topic.


Celebrating Black History

Black football players have made huge contributions to the Premier League and to English football more generally.

Download this Fact File activity sheet to help your pupils research and create a profile of their Black History Hero!