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Home/School - Tackling plastic pollution


Home/School - Tackling plastic pollution

KS1/Foundation, KS2

The Premier League has partnered up with Sky Ocean Rescue to bring you these fun resources.

Let's celebrate our planet and think about how making simple changes at home can have a positive impact on the local and global environment, helping to prevent further ocean plastic pollution.

What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Children will be able to

  • learn about ocean plastic pollution as a key issue for our world today
  • identify ways that everyone can take responsibility to tackle ocean plastic pollution
  • increase awareness of this issue at home, school and in the local community.

Film: Ocean plastic pollution

Sailor Dee Caffari explains the implications of plastic in our oceans and the simple changes we can make to help reduce further environmental damage.

While watching the film, think about the following questions:

  • Why do we use so much plastic?
  • What is single-use plastic?
  • What happens to plastic when we are finished with it?
  • How is plastic pollution affecting our oceans? 


Ocean plastic pollution activities

Here are some activities for you to try. You can do these at home or as a fun activity with your friends at school.

Try the plastic pollution quiz with your family or colour in and identify the single-use plastics.


The pledge

Have a think about how you and your family can reduce your plastic waste.

Download this PDF where you can write your family pledge.