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Premier League Draw Together challenge

Be an ally and support others who face racism. Take part in this art challenge which supports the Premier League's No Room for Racism initiative.


Welcome to Premier League Draw Together

Premier League Primary Stars is inviting children aged 5 to 11 across England and Wales to take part in a brand new art challenge in support of the Premier League's No Room For Racism initiative.

To take part, pupils create a unique piece of artwork expressing what allyship and inclusion means to them, using the Premier League Draw Together artwork template.

Teachers should use the online form on this page to submit their pupils' artwork by the deadline of Friday 11 June 2021.

Watch presenter, Ben Cajee kick off the challenge with pupils at Holy Trinity Primary School in Merseyside.


Launching the challenge

Download our fantastic new resources and use the introductory films and resources to launch the challenge, discuss the topic of allyship, and support pupils as they plan and create their artwork.

You can also download an inspiring Premier League allyship poster for your classroom. 

These resources are also available in Welsh!

Remember to use the Premier League Draw Together artwork template to take part in the challenge!



  • All participating schools will be rewarded for their efforts with a copy of the Premier League Writing Stars poetry anthology, Beautifully Different, Wonderfully the Same.

  • One lucky school will receive an exclusive visit from the Premier League Trophy. 

  • 20 art pieces will be selected and shared in a No Room For Racism gallery on the Premier League and Premier League Primary Stars websites.

  • The first 10 schools submitting their pupils' work will receive a class set of official No Room for Racism pin badges.

Full terms and conditions are available.

Take Part

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