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Illustrations - Character drawing challenge

In week four of the Premier League weekly challenges, we asked you to draw your favourite book characters.

Take part in the challenge and share your drawings with us @PLCommunities or email us at

As part of the Character drawing challenge, we asked you to draw a picture of your favourite character from the book you are reading with your family. 

Below are some of the character drawings that you shared with us. You can see who our Star of the Week was on the 2020 Stars of the Weekly challenges page.  

By Raphael

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
By the Schack family

The Person Controller
By Alicia

Hermione Granger and Harry Potter
By Molly (Age 8)

The Little Mermaid 
By Ishwari (Year 3)

By Luke (Age 11)

Dog Man
By Sam (Age 8)

The Wizard of Oz 
By Darcey

Take part in the challenge and get in touch with us. Email us at or Tweet us @PLCommunities
We look forward to receiving your drawings!