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Challenge 12 : Everyday Numbers Challenge

We would like your family to show us the numbers you encounter every day.

Challenge 12: Everyday Numbers Challenge  (12 June 2020)

Numbers can be found everywhere in football – from match results to player shirt numbers and more. For this week’s challenge, we want you to go on a number hunt and make a note of all the numbers you see or use in a day.

TV and radio presenter Lauren Layfield is here to explain more about what we’d like your family to do this week:


Using our Number timeline worksheet, you can record where, when and which numbers you see as you go about your day. There are two timelines for you to try - for older children, download the higher level worksheet and draw your number-related activities next to the correct time. Feel free to get creative by decorating it with pictures or even make it into a collage. 

Share your timelines with us on Twitter @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars or email us at for a chance to feature in our community story as Star of the Week.