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See what's new in the Premier League Primary Stars community

By Premier League Primary Stars · Wed 01 April 2020

Our community has been doing all sorts of fantastic things over the past few weeks, inspired by our Weekly Challenges. We love being able to share what families have been up to. Here are some of our highlights.

Challenge 9: Be Kind Challenge

In our week 9 challenge, we asked families to list some acts of kindness that they would aim to carry out in the next week, inspired by Mental Health Awareness Week. 

Our Star of the Week was Norwich City Women's captain Millie Davis, for sharing her acts of kindness on Twitter in order to inspire others!

Take a look at the video to see what she's been up to.


Challenge 8: Share a Story Challenge

For our week 8 challenge, we wanted families to complete the story on our Share a Story template to send to somebody to make them smile. 

Here is the beginning of the story:

Harry and Mia had been kicking their football against the wall all morning.
“Right, you two!” called Mum. “Let’s go out and walk off some of that energy.”

Mia scooped up the football in her arms and the trio set off down the road. They were just about to stroll past the large house on the corner, when a loud noise made them all jump. The football dropped to the floor and as Harry bent to pick it up, his draw dropped in surprise when he saw…

Our Star of the Week was Heejune (on the left), who wrote a brilliant story about meeting Harry Kane. 

Here is Heejune's story: 

 … Spurs centre striker Harry Kane. Harry and Mia ran screaming to Mum.
“Mum, we saw Harry Kane so can we play with him a little bit if he says it’s OK?” they asked.
“OK, this is the only chance you’ll ever get to play with Harry Kane so yes,” replied Mum.
So Harry asked Kane, “ Can Mia and I play football with you?”
“OK” replied Harry Kane. Harry and Mia jumped for joy! 

First, they practised some shooting. Kane took his shots weaker than he usually would and then stayed in goal for the kids to have their turn. Kane was really impressed with Harry and Mia’s shooting; he even joked that each of Mia and Harry’s legs were worth at least £3 million! Harry and Mia’s mum eventually came to collect them.
“Is it going well?” asked Mum.
“YES!” the children replied. They kept playing and Harry Kane wrote his signature in Mia and Harry’s notebook. Kane and the children said goodbye to each other and he left. 

“That was brilliant! I wish I was as famous as Harry Kane,” said Harry and Mia to their mum. She said Harry and Mia may be as famous one day too if they kept practising. Every day, Mia and Harry looked at Kane’s autograph in their notebook, remembering their amazing afternoon together. 

Here are some of our other favourite entries:

George's Story

… a car pulled up beside them and there stood Steven Gerrard. He walked towards them and said:
“Hi, I’m Steven, would you mind if I came on a walk with you?” 

So they all walked to the park together. Harry could not believe what was happening; he had to pinch himself to check that he was not dreaming. Going to the park to play football with Steven Gerrard was something that only happened in his dreams. 

He wanted to call all of his friends to let them know but he did not have a phone so he just tried to enjoy the moment. When they got to the field, Steven started to show Harry and Mia some skills and showed them how to do the tricks and skills. Harry asked his mum to video every moment so that he could watch it when he got home and also show his friends. 

Once they were finished learning skills and tricks, Steven said that he didn’t have long left and would they like to play a game. Harry and Mia agreed. Harry and Steven teamed up against Mia and their mum. Harry closed his eyes and imagined he was playing at Anfield in front of thousands of people.

The game finished 5 - 3 to Harry and Steven and soon it was time for Steven to go back to his home. They all walked back together and said their goodbyes. Harry was sad but knew that today would be the best day of his life and a day he would never forget.

Football Mad - by Brayden 

...Raheem Sterling. The ball rolled to him and he controlled it and passed it to Harry. Mia’s jaw dropped when she saw Harry Kane approached by Sterling. Sterling offered them a game in the park. Harry just nodded because he couldn’t speak. 

Harry played with Sterling and Mia played with Kane. With 5 minutes left, it was 4 - 4 and Harry stepped up to take a free kick. He shot and scored 5 - 4! With a few seconds left, Mia blasted a shot and it was 5 - 5 at full time. 

Cameron, age 6

… a scary, furry lion. The lion roared in his face and you could hear from 50 miles away.
“Argh, there’s a lion!” bellowed Harry. “How are we going to get it back to the zoo?”

All of a sudden, Virgil van Dijk came around the corner kicking a football.
“Virgil, help us. How do we get this lion back to the zoo?” shouted Harry!

As quick as a flash, Virgil pulled out some chicken legs out of his rucsac and left a trail to the zoo. The Greedy lion followed the trail back to the zoo.
“Thanks Virgil for saving the day,” said Harry.

Mikey, age 9

...a colossal, white polar bear roaring in his face. Harry felt frightened and stumbled backwards with fear.
"Run!" shouted Harry "There is a polar bear!'' They ran as fast as lightning back toward their house. When they got to the front door , they heard footsteps padding behind them. 

With all his might, Harry threw the ball at the polar bear. Unfortunately, the polar put out sharp claws to stop the ball but the ball popped.
''I hate you polar bear!" cried Harry.
He was so upset because it was his favourite ball. Tears rolled down the polar bear's cheek. 

Suddenly,Harry realised that the Polar bear might have been following them because he was lost. Harry started to feel very guilty.
"I'm sorry", said Harry. Then Harry had a splendid idea. He invited the polar bear to live in their back garden. Mum helped to to make the garden look like the North Pole and the Polar bear soon became part of the family... he was even a good goal keeper! 

Challenge 7: My Inspiration Drawing Challenge

Last week, we challenged families to draw somebody you find inspiring and send it to an older relative, friend or neighbour as part of our ongoing #GetInTouch challenges.

Our star of the week was Hayden who drew this great picture of his teacher, Miss Speirs:

Here are some of our other favourite entries:

Dr Forster by Emie

Challenge 6: Get In Touch Challenge

For our week 6 challenge, we asked families to reach out to an older relative, friend or neighbour by writing them a letter to brighten their day. 

Our Star of the Week was the fantastic Freddie, who wrote a brilliant letter to his 'Gangan'.

Here are some of our other favourite letters:

From Ella, to Mary and Robert:

From Raeesah, to Bob and Sylvia:

From Ella to her Grandpa: 

A letter from Jessica:

It's great to see these Watford FC Golden Memories members who have already received their letters.

Challenge 5: Maths Star Training Challenge

We asked your family to play a game to see how many socks each person could throw into a washing basket. Based on these scores, we then asked you to create a bar chart to show us how you did.

Our Star of the Week is Felicity who created a beautiful bar chart using lots of colours!

Challenge 4: Character Drawing challenge

We asked you to draw a picture of your favourite character from the book you are reading with your family. Here are some of our favourites:

Our Star of the Week is Katie, who drew a paper and digital picture of her favourite character ‘Funtime Freddie’.

Here are some of the other great drawings we’ve received:

Dog Man by Sam age 8 and Dobby by Luke age 11

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Evil Pea, The Smartest Giant in Town and Superworm by the Schack family. 

Rafe Khatchadorian by Max age 11


Year 5 teacher Ms Grattan also sent in some fantastic drawings from her class:

The Wizard of Oz by Darcey 

The Person Controller by Alicia 

Shadow by Raphael

Harry Potter by Zachari


Challenge 3: Five-a-side Reading Challenge

Stanley was chosen as our Star of the Week. Stanley took part in our family reading challenge while showing support for his favourite team - Crystal Palace!


Challenge 2: Stick with Maths Challenge

This week’s stars are The Lewendon family, who worked together to figure out the correct answers to our Stick with Maths team photo puzzle.


Challenge 1: Premier League Writing Stars Challenge

We asked families to share their poems on ambition, with George’s poem being picked as our Star of the Week.

'Valuable like Van Dijk,
Beneficial like Bellerín,
Fantastic like Foden,
Brave like Bernardo,
Strategic like Sterling,
Super like Sarah,
Helpful like Holding, 
Defensive like David Luiz, 
Swift like Silva,
Fast like Firmino,
Great like George.'

George, age 8

Here are some more of our favourite entries: 

Ambition by Isla, age 9, and father Bryan 

If you want ambition it's your decision listen to your heart and leave your mind behind, you won't be fined since it's your ambition, your decision.

No-one gets to choose who you'll play on any day,  it's your decision, your say.

And remember no matter your body size, short, tall, plump or wide you can do what you want, not what they say.

No-one gets to pull your hair or scream and shout “It's not fair!” If that's their ambition it's their own mission.

Even if you don't know who you want to be or what sights you want to see, it will always be inside you but sometimes let it out too.

So take to the sky, fly high and find your true ambition, it's your mission!


My dream by Zak 

'My objective is to be a professional footballer
To do this,
I must be ambitious!
I can look up to my idols
Study hard
practise, practise to achieve my dream.

Work as a team
Never doubt myself
Use my vision to look into the future
Look forward to a successful career 

And do what Mohamed Salah said:- 



My Ambition by Benjamin, age 9 

'My dreams are big
My dreams are exciting

I dream for me
I dream for my family
I dream for my Community
I dream for the UK
I dream for the whole World 

My ambition is to be a Golfer
I dream to play with Tiger Woods
on Sunningdale one day

I wish for my family to be safe and happy
My baby sister dreams of getting a puppy
My big sister dreams of being Apple CEO
I wonder if she will get the iPhone 11 pro? 

I wish for my community to help each other
Lets all give some money to charity
Lets hope for no more homeless people on the street
And give them plenty of healthy food to eat

I wish the UK could get rid of the corona virus
I wish for the world to stop climate change 

My dreams are big
Together we can all work hard to make them come true'


Ambition by Lola, age 11 


Ambition by Lucy, age 9



Ambitious Dancer by Mia, age 8

'I have a dream,
I wish to be on a dancing team.
A team so strong,
that nothing could go wrong. 

We would dance like stars, 
then we spin on bars.
We would be the best in the universe,
we could even dance in reverse. 

Our team is so tight.
We would dance with all our might.
My team means so much to me, 
I would call them my dance family.' 


Ambition by the Stonior Family

Ambition by Aiva 


The Ambitious Dog by Avalon

Ambition by Oliver

Age 5 I go to bed,

Sleeping and dreaming,

A pillow resting my head.

The crowds ROAR and SCREAM,

Scoring volleys and tap-ins, I do,

But that’s only a dream.


Age 11 I work so hard,

My friends go out,

But I stay all alone in my yard.

Kick-ups, freekicks,

All day long,

Top Corner Goals and Amazing tricks!


Age 16 I’m playing a match,

I take a shot,

Too good for the goalie to catch!

A bald man in a long coat,

Turns to his friend, with a promising grin and says

“He could be the G.O.A.T”.


Age 22,

I play in the Premier League,

My dream’s come true!

Winning trophies, scoring a bicycle kick

Once again the fans CHEER,

They say “That was SICK!”

I win ‘Player Of The Year’!


I see Mané running down the wing,

And Aguero kicking up his foot,

Ready to swing.

Gary Lineker talking and speaking,

Commentating on a big match,

As Jesse Lingard is ball seeking.

 “You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.”

~ Lionel Messi


Ambition by Hussain


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