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Challenge 13: Super Movers celebration challenge

Celebrate the Premier League season restarting by creating a brand new Super Move!

Challenge 13: Super Movers celebration challenge (19 June 2020)

We'd like everyone to join in the celebrations for the Premier League season that restarted on 17 June! Celebrate with us by creating a special ‘Super Move’ for this week’s challenge.

 To tell you how to get started, Super Movers stars and dance duo HomeBros are here to introduce our challenge:

Your Super Move can be anything from one movement, to a whole sequence - you might even want to use props or costumes to make your Super Move stand out! We’d like you to show us your move by filming and sharing it with us for the chance to win a special Premier League prize!

Need some inspiration for your celebration? Check out the What’s your Super Move video, Mascot film and use our Super Movers celebration activity sheet to learn more about the importance of staying active. There are also loads more fun, curriculum-linked routines available on the Super Movers website, created in partnership with the BBC. 

We can’t wait to see the moves your family have created this week! Make sure you have plenty of space around you when creating your celebration. You can film your move, take a photo of yourselves expressing celebration or simply draw a picture. Share these with us on Twitter @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars, or email us at

Before you share your videos, here are some ways to ensure you stay safe online:

  • Only parents or teachers can submit videos. Remember not to include music that you did not create yourself. 
  • Think carefully about what is uploaded or shared on social media platforms.
  • Keep personal information private and take care not to give away too much identifiable information in photos and videos.
  • Make sure not to feature other people in your videos, apart from family members.
  • It is important to talk to your child regularly about online safety. Let them know they can come to you or another trusted adult if they’re feeling worried, pressured, upset or unsafe.