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Stick with Maths Family Challenge: Answers revealed!

By Premier League Primary Stars · Tue 07 April 2020

Did you take on our Stick with Maths family challenge? Bobby Seagull reveals the answer to the puzzle. How did your family do?

Team Photo Challenge

Watch Bobby explain the answer:

Audio-described version

  • The player in Spot A is Harry Maguire, who is the tallest at 1.94m.
  • Spot B, our goalkeeper, is Brighton's Mat Ryan.
  • To work out who stands in Spot C you needed to determine who the shortest of the remaining players was. The answer is Patrick van Aanholt, at 1.76m tall.
  • Callum Wilson is 4cm shorter than Mat Ryan, so he takes Spot D.
  • Spot E belongs to West Ham United striker Sébastien Haller, who is 10cm taller than Callum Wilson.

Here is the team photo: 


Design a player 

If you enjoyed this challenge, why not take a look at the other activities in the Stick with Maths pack in the home learning section, created with support from Panini.

The Design a player sheet, which features in the Stick with Maths pack, enables families to make up stickers featuring their football heroes past or present, or even design some for friends and family.

You could create your own 5-a-side team and then play a game of "Who am I?" by using the data on the cards.

Get creative while using maths data!