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Home learning - Stick with Maths


Home learning - Stick with Maths

Mathematical reasoning, Problem-solving

Tackle maths with this exciting new set of puzzles and games featuring Premier League player cards.

Work together as a family to find the answers to our football puzzles - you can even make your own player cards using your data! 

What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Children (lower KS2) will be able to:

  • to solve problems using mental addition and apply knowledge of place value of numbers
  • to identify multiples, square numbers and prime numbers
  • to convert between different units of measure.

Children (upper KS2) will be able to:

  • to solve number problems and practical problems in a variety of contexts
  • to be able to calculate and convert between different units of measure
  • to make connections between fractions, percentages and decimals.

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Film: Stick with Maths

Bobby Seagull introduces the new player profiles. Learn how you can use data from the player profiles to answer the maths puzzles.


Main activity: Stick with Maths

These activities include a variety of maths puzzles where children are required to problem solve using their maths skills. Children can work with family or independently to work out the answers.


Extra time: Stick with Maths

In these activities you can create your own 5-a-side football team featuring your friends and family or your favourite players. Or play a game of Who am I? and try and figure out your opponent’s mystery player and take a guess when you think you know!

These activities enable children to become familiar with different sorts of data and familiarise themselves with maths vocabulary and mathematical reasoning.