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Active Allies


Active Allies

Behaviour, Active learning, Equality, Health and wellbeing

Football brings many benefits for young people, as players and fans. As part of PE lessons, played competitively against other schools, or just for fun in the playground, football helps children stay fit, supports mental health and develops social skills. 

The Active Allies resources will empower girls to play football, with advice and support on creating an inclusive school environment, challenging bias in the school community, challenging gender stereotypes and supporting boys to be active allies.

The resources, created in partnership with Nike, include a Pupil Activity Pack, a Teacher Toolkit and an Assembly.

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Learning outcomes

Pupils will learn to:

  • raise awareness of gender stereotypes, why they can be harmful and how to ​challenge them
  • understand how we can recognise behaviours and actions which discriminate against others​
  • support boys to be allies and create an inclusive environment for all
  • empower and encourage young girls to get more involved in football.

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Teacher Toolkit

This toolkit provides helpful background information for teachers delivering the Active Allies resources.


Pupil Activity Pack

Pupils will work through a range of activities that empower girls to get more involved in football and challenge gender stereotypes.


My New Job Worksheet

Pupils form their own Mini-League teams and allocate job roles. This resource is to be used with Activity 5 in the Pupil Activity Pack.