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Relationships, Working together

This pack is based on practical team-building activities that help pupils practise skills such as agreeing on outcomes, cooperation, negotiation and compromise. They work on communication skills, present ideas and thoughts, and make decisions.

What resources are in this pack?

How long does it take to deliver this pack?

clock 60 minutes


Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • identify and demonstrate essential attributes that are needed to work collaboratively
  • demonstrate being able to work with a partner and in a team, listening, cooperating, contributing and encouraging
  • describe or demonstrate strategies to use for negotiation and appropriate compromise

Full Lesson Plan

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Film: Team building

Why is teamwork important? What makes a good team? This film looks at the benefits of working together and how different qualities can build a strong team.


Starter activity: Statement card sort

This activity gives pupils real life examples teamwork. They examine scenarios that demonstrate elements of teamwork to get pupils thinking and discussing.


Main activity: The win-win role play

This activity is designed to help pupils identify what conflict is and where they might experience conflict in their daily lives. 'The win-win role play' then gives them an opportunity to try some conflict resolution.

Theo W

Main activity: Learning into action

Here pupils can put their teamworking skills into action. There is a choice of practical and physical team-building activities. Both options encourage collaborative working, listening, cooperation, contribution and encouragement, and give the pupils a chance to use their own problem-solving skills.


Main activity: Match report

On their match report cards, pupils get an opportunity to reflect on the benefits of working with others, negotiating and compromise.


Plenary activity: Class discussion

This section gives ideas for a short plenary session, in which pupils can share their thoughts on working as a team. Questions are suggested that can be used to structure the discussion.


Extension activity: Beyond the classroom

Here you can find further ideas for extending pupils' learning on teamwork, including ways to extend their activities beyond the classroom.


Teamwork word bank

This word bank lists key vocabulary about teamwork, and clarifies the meanings of the words and phrases that your pupils will meet.