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Do the right thing


Do the right thing

Behaviour, Relationships

Before teaching this pack, it is recommended that teachers read the General guidance for teaching PSHE.

This pack focuses on what it means to behave responsibly and the positive impact this has on others. Pupils explore the importance of rules and why they are needed in different situations. They discuss times when behaving responsibly can be more challenging and how to manage their feelings and actions in these moments.

What resources are in this pack?

How long does it take to deliver this pack?

clock 60 minutes

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:
• explain how rules protect them and others
• give reasons why different rules are needed in different situations
• describe how their behaviour can affect others
• talk about what it means to behave responsibly.

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Film: Behaviour

This film provides insight into how people can manage their behaviour using examples from football. After exploring the situation, Farrah understands how her behaviour impacts other people. Pupils will explore how rules can help create positive and happy classrooms and playgrounds.


Starter activity: Responsible behaviour

This activity starts with a baseline assessment to help assess pupils’ current understanding of responsible behaviour in school.

Pupils then watch a film about responsible behaviour, rules and consequences, following the story of Farrah who is managing the consequence of breaking a home-rule.


Main activity 1: Rules

In this activity, pupils think about the positive impacts of following rules and the negative impacts of breaking them, for themselves and others. They consider their own school rules and why they exist.


Main activity 2: Managing behaviour

In this activity, pupils consider how thoughts and feelings may affect behaviour in the playground. If someone is feeling over-excited, angry or upset, they may be more likely to behave inappropriately. Pupils suggest how to manage these feelings and behave in a positive, responsible way.