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Roving Reporters


Roving Reporters

Journalism, Writing

This pack provides inspiration, tips, and exciting activities on some of the core English skills surrounding sports journalism.



What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • summarise key events succinctly
  • identify a range of journalistic opportunities in the world of sport and the related literacy skills that support them
  • to plan and write a dramatised analysis and report of a sporting event.

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Film: A day in the life of sports reporting

This film follows Anna Edwards, Sky Sports News Sports Reporter and Sam Wallace, Chief Football Writer from the Daily and Sunday Telegraph as they explain what is involved in their jobs and the different skills they need.


What is sports journalism?

Pupils explore the opportunities for journalism in sport using a film clip as a starting point. Pupils can use the activity sheet to think about the skills needed to be a successful sports reporter. 


Over to you!

Pupils use their skills to work together to create their own report of a sporting event.