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Premier League Magazine Team

KS2,Upper Key Stage 2
English - Premier League Magazine Team

Premier League Magazine Team

KS2, Upper Key Stage 2

Premier League Magazine Team supports pupils to create their own magazine, building on the key components of writing success: audience and purpose. This is a 10-session programme created to increase motivation and engagement, improve attitudes to writing, and to support pupils’ writing confidence and skills. Some groups will benefit from additional sessions. It is aimed at pupils who are underachieving in writing but who are motivated by a passion. The resources in this pack are suitable for KS2 pupils (particularly Upper KS2).

The programme focusses on four key article types and provides strong scaffolding and support to guide pupils. Supported by physical resources as well as digital/online editable worksheets, you will find everything that you need to build your very own press team and help them to create their magazine right here!

Sign up to the programme here. We have 1,000 PLMT challenge poster and sticker packs to give away to schools who sign up.

Developed in partnership with the National Literacy Trust and with teachers and magazine professionals from BBC Match Of the Day magazine, Girl Talk and MEGA magazines to ensure it really works in schools AND has the kudos to engage your pupils, it supports the delivery of the statutory requirements for the English Programme of Study in the English and Welsh curricula. It is an ideal sister programme to Premier League Reading Stars, and can be used with the same pupils.


What can this programme do?

In this programme, pupils will:

  • consider the purpose and audience of magazines
  • explore the design and features of a magazine
  • discuss and review a range of writing types
  • identify the purpose and audience of their own writing
  • learn about the features of non-fiction writing
  • learn how to source information for their articles from trusted sources
  • learn how to draft, revise and edit their own articles.
  • learn how to work as a team and produce their very own magazine!

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Files to get started

Our teacher guide is the best place to start; here you will find advice on how to deliver the programme, ideas to support pupils on what to write about, and how to produce your actual magazine!

Image of children sitting round the table in the classroom.

Fixture 1 – The kick-off

This Fixture introduces the Premier League Magazine Team programme. Pupils are introduced to the challenge and form their ‘press team’. They are shown examples of magazines and spend time enjoying and reviewing them. They start to think about the format that their own magazine might take, considering purpose, audience and outcome.


Fixture 1 Film – The challenge

In this film pupils meet BBC Match Of The Day Magazine's Jake Wilson. Jake tells them all about his job and sets the Premier League Magazine Team challenge.

Image of a variety of children's magazines.

Fixture 2 – What makes a good magazine? Design and features

In this Fixture pupils hold their first ‘editorial meeting’ to agree the theme, purpose, audience and outcome of their magazine, explore the design and features of magazines, and consider the types of features that they would like to include in their own magazine.

Image of a magazine spread showing the content.

Fixture 3 – What is in a good magazine? Content

In this Fixture pupils look at examples of the types of articles that feature in magazines and explore what the articles are trying to do, identifying the type of writing and the features used. They consider the types of articles that they would like to include in their own magazine.

Please note the following: the Article examples (PDF) should be printed on A3 sized paper and the Article detectives (Editable) (PDF) should be viewed in Adobe Acrobat for the editable function to work. 


Fixture 4 Film - What to write about?

In this film pupils hear how Pete from MEGA magazine decides what to write about, and passes on tips on how they might come up with ideas on what to write about. 

Image of pupils and teacher doing research on the computer.

Fixture 5 – Research

In this Fixture pupils research the content for their articles. Supported by carefully structured activities and online safety guidance.


Fixture 5 Film – Research

In this film pupils hear from BBC Match Of the Day magazine's Jake on how to find the best facts and information for their articles.

Image of My article PDF worksheet.

Fixture 6 – Let's write

In this Fixture pupils draft, revise and start to edit their articles using scaffolded templates to guide their writing.


Fixture 6 Film – Writing tips

In this film pupils hear from MEGA writer Matt, and are inspired on how to actually start writing, and how to engage their readers.

Pupils working together in pairs.

Fixture 8 – Extra bits!

In this Fixture pupils work on their additional writing – editorial, contents, news stories; also any quizzes, jokes and 'fun facts' that they want to include.


Fixture 8 Film – Extra bits

This film includes tips and guidance from Girl Talk's Becky on how to include extra information that will grab the reader's attention.

Pupils writing ideas down on paper.

Fixture 9 – Write it up!

In this Fixture, pupils complete any outstanding writing tasks, source any images that they need and type up their pieces using our PLPS templates.

Pupils forming a team.

Fixture 10 – Publish!

In this, the final Fixture, pupils look at the basic design process, considering how best to lay out their articles referring to real-life examples. Pupils complete any keying in tasks and publish their magazines. This Fixture can also be used to plan any launch party and receive their certificates.