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Season stats dashboard challenges


Season stats dashboard challenges

KS1/Foundation, KS2
Analysing data, Mathematical reasoning, Problem-solving

Use real player and match statistics from the Premier League season to bring maths alive and engage pupils with their learning.

These flexible maths challenges provide suggested activities to use alongside the Season stats dashboard to match your learning objectives. We've also included active challenges to get pupils on their feet and actively engaged in practising their maths skills.

Use the tally wallchart with your pupils to track completed challenges. Share your completed challenges and wallchart with us by sharing them on Twitter, tagging @PLCommunities and using #PLPrimaryStars or emailing them to

All suggested activities are linked to the England and Wales Maths Curriculums for years 1-6.

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What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to practise their:

  • use of mathematical symbols
  • mental and written calculations
  • understanding of statistics
  • use of reasoning
  • problem solving.

Season stats dashboard challenges

These curriculum-linked challenges can be used in conjunction with the Season stats dashboard. As the data on the dashboard will vary week to week, ideas are generally provided but teachers can select data based on what they require pupils to practise.


Tally wallchart

Use this tally chart to record the number of challenges completed by your class. When a pupil completes a challenge, add a tally mark. Print this wallchart and place it in your classroom.