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Stick with Maths


Stick with Maths

Mathematical reasoning, Problem-solving

Tackle Maths with this exciting new pack. Pupils are put into real-life scenarios and are encouraged to extract the relevant data from the football stickers in order to find the solution to the puzzles. Each puzzle has been aligned to the English and Welsh curriculum and includes an active learning option to support interactive and engaging Maths lessons.

This pack has also been adapted for home learning. Families can work together to solve the maths puzzles and play games using the football player profiles. 

What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Pupils (lower KS2) will be able to:

  • to solve problems using mental addition and apply knowledge of place value of numbers
  • to identify multiples, square numbers and prime numbers
  • to convert between different units of measure.

Pupils (upper KS2) will be able to:

  • to solve number problems and practical problems in a variety of contexts
  • to be able to calculate and convert between different units of measure
  • to make connections between fractions, percentages and decimals.

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Film: Stick with Maths

Bobby Seagull introduces the new player profiles. Learn how you can use data from the player profiles to answer the maths puzzles.


Stick with Maths - main activity

These activities include a variety of Maths puzzles where pupils are required to problem solve using their maths skills. Pupils can work together in groups or independently to work out the answers.


Make your own pupil profiles!

This resource celebrates diversity, where children can compare themselves to their footballing heroes and make their own pupil profile.