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Super Movers Champions


Super Movers Champions

Resilience, Teamwork, Health and wellbeing

These Super Movers Champion active learning resources from the Premier League and BBC are a natural progression of the much loved Super Movers campaign.

Active kids do better in every way, so why not work through these resources and challenges to empower your pupils to lead the super movement and get their schools, homes and communities moving more!

What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

This programme:

  • educates pupils to understand the benefits of being physically active and different approaches to moving more
  • enables pupils to confidently apply their skills and understanding of adapting physical activity to fit into their daily routine
  • develops pupils self-esteem by improving teamwork, communication and leadership skills through peer-to-peer learning
  • empowers pupils to make decisions and take the lead in bringing about change for themselves and others through physical activity


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Active Me

 These resources and mission are a great introduction to why and how pupils should be looking to achieve the recommended 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity every day.

 It challenges pupils to take the lead by planning how they will introduce 10 minutes of new physical activity to their day, noting how being active makes them feel, and keeping track of their progress to ensure they’re meeting their daily target.


Film: Active Me

Use this film alongside the activity sheet to help introduce the Active Me Super Mission to your pupils.


Active Homes

Help your pupils reduce inactivity at weekends and evenings by introducing a more active lifestyle to their home.

Pupils are challenged to think about the types of activity they could do both indoors and outdoors, as well as how they could make it a part of their families’ routine.



Film: Active Homes

Use this film alongside the activity sheet to help introduce the Active Homes Super Mission to your pupils.