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Give something back


Give something back

Health and wellbeing

Join in the Super Mood Movers video with Sammy Saint and Billy Badger and try the activities in this pack.

Our world stretches way further than our front door and the connections we make with those around us can enhance both our own and other people's lives. A smile or a wave can make someone’s day and a positive exchange can boost our own wellbeing too.

These activities are designed to encourage pupils to think about their own community and the positive impact it has. These resources are designed for use in school and could be set as a homework activity.

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What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Pupils will learn:

  • what a community is
  • about the different roles and responsibilities within a community 
  • to value the different contributions people make to their community.


My community network

What is a community network? Who is in yours? Use this activity sheet to help you to draw your own.


Kindness dice

Use this fun dice activity to think of ways to spread kindness within your community.


Community doodle

Once you have identified who is in your community network, create a community doodle. You can think about why you value the special people in your community.