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Tackling Plastic Pollution with Sky Ocean Rescue


Tackling Plastic Pollution with Sky Ocean Rescue

Values, Role models

Before teaching this pack it is recommended that teachers read the General guidance for teaching PSHE. The full lesson plan is a PSHE Association Quality Assured resource.

This pack enables pupils to learn about the simple changes everyone can make to have a positive impact on the local and global environment and help prevent further ocean plastic pollution.

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • explain why ocean plastic pollution is a key issue for our world today
  • identify ways that everyone can take responsibility to tackle ocean  plastic pollution
  • develop the skills to participate in tackling  ocean plastic pollution and contribute to  raising awareness of this issue at home,  school and in the local community.

Full Lesson Plan

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Film: Introduction

In this film, sailor Dee Caffari explores the history of plastic and the current state of ocean plastic pollution.


Film: Ocean plastic pollution

Dee Caffari explains the implications of plastic in our oceans and the simple changes we can make to help reduce further environmental damage.


Film: Jax meets Gully

After meeting Brighton and Hove Albion FC mascot Gully, Jax and her mum are inspired to look back on their day at a Premier League football match to decide on some simple swaps they could make to reduce their use of single-use plastics.


Main activity: Making changes

In this activity, pupils learn about simple changes they can make to everyday behaviours to make a difference to ocean plastic pollution.


Plenary activity: What can you do?

Inspired by what they've learnt in the lesson so far, pupils make their own pledge to reduce their use of single-use plastic.


Closing assessment activity: End of play

Pupils repeat the activity from the baseline assessment to add to or amend their original ideas based on their new knowledge of ocean plastic pollution.