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Play the Right Way - Positive Behaviour Activities


Play the Right Way - Positive Behaviour Activities

Relationships, Working together

This pack provides pupils with an inspirational film to kick-start a focus on exploring ten positive behaviour traits, to inspire children to adopt positive attitudes and behaviours when playing and following football.

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • identify a variety of positive football behaviour traits
  • talk about what it means to ‘Play the Right Way’
  • describe how poor playground behaviour can affect others
  • demonstrate simple activities that promote positive behaviour traits

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Film: Do you… Play the Right Way?

This exclusive film features well-known players alongside primary school footage. With the objective of capturing the attention of both boys and girls, this film is intended to help challenge pupils to reflect on their own conduct and how this affects others having fun and playing their best.


Starter Activity: Do you… Play the Right Way?

This activity is a quick and easy introduction to addressing football behaviour in schools, using strong Premier League imagery alongside school footage to engage the audience. Pupils will be challenged to reflect on the symmetry of pitch to playground.


Assembly: Play the Right Way

In this assembly, pupils are led to reflect on their playground behaviour and are introduced to the ten positive behaviour traits that this pack promotes for the playground.


Main Activity: Ten positive behaviour activities

The following pupil led activities can be used individually to address specific issues, or could provide a week-by-week focus to develop positive football behaviour traits at playtimes and after school.