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Club activities (S)

Below is an overview of some of the creative, fun and educational activities that football club community organisations have been sharing to support home learning and keeping children active.

Each week we will be adding more activities from clubs around the country, so please make sure to check back or sign up to our mailing list to be the first to find out.

A-Z: Click on the letters to jump through to the clubs and discover new activities and challenges. There are multiple clubs for some letters so make sure you check them all out.

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Listed below are the Premier League clubs that begin with the letter S and their Club Community Organisations.

Shrewsbury Town FC
Southampton FC

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Shrewsbury Town FC 

Shrewsbury Town in the Community are broadcasting Live Lessons and if you miss them you can still watch them back. Check out this active numeracy lesson ideal for year 3 pupils, that also includes a fitness blast with Club mascot Lenny the Lion. 

Take part in the Live Lessons


Southampton FC

Saints Foundation have created online English and Maths lessons, as well as fun workout videos to keep children active in body and mind!.

There are more educational resources available for download on their website.