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Challenge 15: Hot seat heroes challenge

We'd like you to come up with a question fit for an interview with a footballer.

Challenge 15: Hot seat heroes challenge (3 July 2020)

For this week’s challenge alongside Sky VIP, we want you to become a matchday reporter. Premier League managers and players take part in lots of media interviews. Before matches they are asked about what they think might happen, and afterwards they review their team’s performance and explain how they feel about the result.

Your task is to prepare a question to ask a footballer about this Premier League season. When creating your question make sure to think about the player’s feelings, thoughts and motivation. You can use our Hot seat heroes resources to help you, including our sample questions worksheet

Send us your question to @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars or email it to

We chose two super star reporters from this challenge and our Roving reporters task to take part in a virtual Q&A with Jamie Carragher himself. Take a look at our news story to watch a clip from the interview and see how our winners Harry and Joseph got on.