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Home learning - Hot Seat Heroes


Home learning - Hot Seat Heroes

Journalism, Communication

This pack introduces children to the world of sports journalism and focuses particularly on the skills involved in conducting an interview. The pack includes activities, where children will explore players' reactions and consider the questions that they may be asked post-match game. Children can use the resources to help them create their own interview. 

Take part in the weekly challenge!

We'd like you to share your a video of you setting your Premier League Primary Stars - Hot Seat Heroes question with us at @PLCommunities and hashtag #PLPrimaryStars or email them in to us at

This is also part of the Roving Reporters challenge, see the Roving Reporters pack.

Our favourites will be entered into a prize draw with the chance of a Q and A with former Premier League player and Sky Sports presenter Jamie Carragher via video call. 

You have until Friday 17 July to enter - don't miss out!


Learning outcomes

Children will be able to:

  • identify a range of journalistic opportunities in the world of sport and the related literacy skills that support them
  • plan, write and lead their own interview.

The challenge - Your turn in the spotlight!

Share a video of you setting your Premier League Primary Stars - Hot Seat Heroes question. The challenge PDF includes instructions and safety tips about filming and more information about the challenge.




Exploring our reactions

We've put together a variety of Premier League post-match reactions such as extracts from interviews with players like Leicester City Captain, Wes Morgan after winning the Premier League title. Use this activity sheet to explore their reactions and use some of these clips as inspiration for your own interview.


Practise your interviewing skills!

Download this PDF activity sheet to help you practise your interviewing skills and deliver the perfect question as part of the weekly challenge. There is also a template for you to write your questions down and record your interviewee responses.