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Home/School - Breakfast Club Investigators challenge

KS1/Foundation, KS2

We are joining once again with the National Literacy Trust to bring you another exciting challenge and live event on Wednesday 20 July 2022!

This challenge is supported by the National Literacy Trust and award-winning author Alex Falase-Koya and top illustrator Marta Kissi. They worked together with Marcus Rashford on his book Breakfast Club Adventures: The Beast Beyond the Fence. You can join Alex and Marta for a special free interactive Zoom Webinar event on Wednesday 20 July at 10:30am. During this event, CBBC's Ben Shires will chat with Alex and Marta about all things reading and football, what it was like to work with Marcus Rashford, and help pupils to create their own mystery in our challenge!

Don’t forget to share your completed challenge with us by sharing them on @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars or emailing them to Please enter the challenge and submit your entries before Sunday 31 July.

What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

Pupils will:

  • use their imagination and be creative
  • develop their writing skills.

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Breakfast Club Investigators challenge

This includes everything you need to know about the challenge and the live virtual event. It also includes top tips from authors Alex Falase-Koya and Marta Kissi that will help pupils take part in the challenge.