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Premier League Reading Stars

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Premier League Reading Stars

Reading Stars, Reading

Premier League Reading Stars is an inspiring 10-session reading intervention created to increase engagement and progress levels in reading for Year 5 and 6. It is aimed at pupils who are underachieving in reading but who love and are motivated by football. Developed by the National Literacy Trust with teachers and authors to ensure it really works in schools, it supports the delivery of the statutory requirements for English Programme of Study in the English and Welsh curricula.

The sessions, known as Fixtures, give pupils the opportunity to practise their reading skills, including comprehension and inference, using football-related resources and texts. It is flexible for schools to use as they see fit but it is suggested that Fixtures 1-3 are delivered first and in their entirety.

Start delivering lessons now by downloading everything you need, or head to our Teacher training area to find out more and watch our introductory films.

Ready to start? Before you do, you will need to look at the Pre-Fixture downloads: here are some files to get started and a few things for every Fixture.

What can this programme do?

This programme:

  •  inspires your reluctant readers and can help pupils make six or more months progress in just 10 weeks
  •  encourages your pupils to become proud readers
  • increases pupils’ engagement and confidence in reading
  • creates a legacy for other pupils in your schools
  • gives pupils a lifetime love of reading/create lifelong readers
  • provides evaluation tools for schools to measure impact.

Discover our training

We have created three short films for teachers and other school staff to watch before they start delivering the intervention. They have been made to ensure all your questions are answered before you begin.


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Files to get started

This download contains all the files you need to get started with your planning of Premier League Reading Stars.


A few things for every fixture

This download contains all the files you need to get started with your planning of Premier League Reading Stars.


Fixture 1 - The kick-off

This Fixture introduces the Premier League Reading Stars programme. It will create discussion about the purpose of reading and the different types of text available to read. It also gives pupils the chance to practise their retrieval skills.


Fixture 2 - Five-a-side

This Fixture provides pupils with a simple tool, the five finger rule, to help them select the most appropriate book - a 'just right' book for them to read.

There is also the Five-a-side Reading Challenge that pupils can do at home with their families.


Fixture 2 Film - Five-a-side

This film shows pupils how to use the five finger rule when deciding if the book they are reading is at the right level for them.


Fixture 3 - Reading the game

This Fixture shows pupils how they can use the tools of questioning, clarifying and predicting to help them really comprehend a text, and to discuss it with their peers effectively.


Fixture 4 - In the news

This Fixture enables pupils to be able to read and understand information from the news. They will read a range of newspaper articles and headlines relating to football, using skimming and scanning skills taught in Fixture 1. They will begin to understand and question the content, based on the ‘four Ws’ (what, who, when and where).


Fixture 5 - Player profile

This Fixture will introduce pupils to reading magazines and the impact that they have on the reader and the subject. They will also learn the difference between facts and opinions and be able to identify them in text.


Fixture 5 Film: Player profile

In this film, Alex Scott former Arsenal Women Football Club player explains some of the differences between fact and opinion.


Fixture 6 - Home page

In this Fixture, pupils will learn about the range of information available online, including websites and blogs. They will begin to evaluate online texts effectively. Pupils will also learn to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.


Fixture 7 – Team talk

In this Fixture, pupils are encouraged to respond to a text, drawing inferences about characters’ personalities to create a 'role on the wall' and taking part in role play to show their understanding.


Fixture 8 – Hot-seat heroes

In this Fixture, pupils will begin to understand what a press conference is. Building on skills worked on in Fixture 7, they will use text and video to infer characters’ feelings, thoughts and motives, and demonstrate their understanding through hot-seat activities.


Fixture 9 – Poetry slam

In this Fixture, pupils explore a range of poetry, including football songs and performance poetry. They perform a football poem in a group using intonation, tone, volume and actions to demonstrate meaning.


Fixture 10 – Pass it on

This Fixture allows pupils to reflect on their learning and share their success in Premier League Reading Stars with others. They will work together to choose an audience, format of presentation and the content which they would like to present and create the resources.