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Home/School - Character building

KS1/Foundation, KS2

We're partnering up with the National Literacy Trust and for this week's challenge we'd like you and your family to develop a character, using our role on the wall technique. This is a really fun way to make notes about what a character looks like on the outside, AND what they are like on the inside. Everything you need can be found in this pack.

Watch the recorded Facebook Live event that took place on 2 February with TV presenter Ben Shires and author Helena Pielichaty. 

The link to the Facebook event is: Premier League takeover with Helena Pielichaty (

Once you've completed the challenge, share your characters with us @PLCommunities using #PrimaryStars and #WeAreOneTeam or email them to us

This is part of our series of weekly challenges for 2021.

What resources are in this pack?

Learning outcomes

In this pack, children will

  • use imagination and creativity to develop their own character
  • identify feelings and emotions and how these could change
  • develop writing skills.



Emotional check-in poster

This poster displays a variety of emotions and feelings. Use this poster to help you when developing your character.

There are two versions available, vocabulary is different for younger children (aged 5-7) and older children (7-11). 


Character building challenge

Learn more about the Character building challenge, this resource includes top tips on how to be as creative as possible when designing your character. There is also key information about the virtual Live event, with star author, Helena Pielichaty.


Role on the wall figure template

Use the template of the figures to describe and draw your character to show us how they are feeling.

Once you've completed the figures, share them with us @PLCommunities, using #PLPrimaryStars and #WeAreOneTeam or email it to us

This template is editable which means that you can type on them directly!