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Home/School - Connecting generations


Home/School - Connecting generations

KS1/Foundation, KS2
Communication, Health and wellbeing, Writing

This pack aims to encourage children to write a letter to an older relative, friend or neighbour to encourage coversation and to promote positive relationships. It highlights the importance of checking in with friends, staying connected and showing compassion, particularly with isolated or older people to ensure their wellbeing.

This activity is suitable for children aged 5-11 and can be set as a home learning task. You'll also find some tips on online safety.

Below there are three challenges: Share a story challengeMy Inspiration drawing challenge and the Get in touch challenge


Learning outcomes


Children will be able to:

  • write letters with appropriate form and language
  • understand the importance of sport in building relationships and communities
  • participate actively in collaborative conversations.

PSHE (Health and Wellbeing):

Children should know:

  • the benefits of community participation, voluntary and service-based activity, physical exercise and time outdoors on mental wellbeing and happiness
  • that stable, caring relationships, which may be of different types, are at the heart of happy families and are important for children’s security as they grow up.



Share a story challenge

Can you complete the story? Use your imagination and be as creative as you like.

Once you have finished your story, why not get in touch with an older friend, relative or neighbour and share it with them? We are sure they would love to hear it.



My inspiration drawing challenge

We want you to draw a wonderful picture of the person who inspires you and for you to tell us why you admire them.

Why not send your picture to an elderly friend, neighbour or relative to brighten up their day! 

Please consider social distancing when sending your picture.




Being connected

Why is staying in touch with your friends and family important?

Have a think about what family and friends mean to you and help raise awareness of those in social isolation needing support.


Sporting memories with friends and family

Being active is an important part of our positive wellbeing. Use this activity sheet to help you reflect on the fun times that you have spent with your friend/relatives.
What sporting memories do you have together? Have a think about what you would like to do together next time you see them.


Get in touch challenge

Get in touch with a friend, older relative or neighbour.

There are two templates for you to choose from, to write on and colour. One gives you more ideas on what to write on than the other.

Please consider social distancing when doing this.




Ideas for your letter

This PDF has a selection of ideas and activities that you can do together. You may wish to suggest some of these activities when you get in touch with your friend, neighbour or relative.