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Diversity, Relationships

Before teaching this pack it is recommended that teachers read the General guidance for teaching PSHE.

This pack encourages pupils to recognise and celebrate diversity at school and in their community. It focuses on the positive benefits of living in a diverse society and includes the opportunity for pupils to plan and make a film about diversity.

What resources are in this pack?

How long does it take to deliver this pack?

clock 45 minutes

Learning outcomes

Pupils will be able to:

  • explain what is meant by a ‘diverse’ society in relation to the United Kingdom
  • explain the benefits of living in a diverse society
  • identify and demonstrate how they can value and celebrate diversity.

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Film: Recognising diversity

This film introduces the concept of diversity. Farrah and Daniel explore what the term means in different contexts, and why diversity is important.


Starter activity: What is diversity?

Here pupils get a chance to show their current knowledge and understanding of diversity. They can put their visual media skills to use by making a montage representing diversity.


Main activity: Recognising diversity

After watching and discussing a film about diversity in football, pupils design a storyboard to prepare for making their own film about diversity.


Main activity: Diversity quiz

This quiz activity is designed for pupils to develop their understanding of diversity and identify ways of valuing diversity.
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Plenary activity: Valuing others

Pupils reflect on and discuss their ideas for how they can celebrate diversity and why this is important and work towards agreeing a class pledge on valuing others, which can be put on display.


Diversity word bank

This word bank lists key vocabulary about diversity, and clarifies the meanings of the words and phrases that your pupils will meet.