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Pupils on computer.

Home/School - Internet detectives challenge


Using the Internet carefully, we'd like you to become Internet detectives and take on the challenge. Start by doing some research using the internet to create a fact file for your footballing hero.

These resources have been created with the support of Childnet.

Once you've completed your footballing hero fact file, share them with us via Twitter @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars and #SaferInternetDay or by emailing them in to for a chance to be our Star of the Week.

This is part of our series of weekly challenges for 2021

Learning outcomes

Children will learn:

  • computer skills and how to use the internet as a tool for finding information
  • how to trust a source, making sure it has reliable information
  • how to avoid and report cyberbullying and online racism.


How to stay smart online

This resource includes more tips for staying safe online. Read them before becoming an Internet Detective and taking on the challenge.


True or false?

Try this super fun fact finding activity and learn how to gather reliable information from the internet. Answers are included.


The challenge and template

Download this resource to learn more about the challenge. Complete the research tasks outlined on the Detective card before filling out your footballing hero fact file on page 3 and 4 .

When you've finished, share your footballing hero fact file with us @PLCommunities using #PLPrimaryStars and #SaferInternetDay or email it to us for a chance to be our Star of the Week.